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May 02, 2008


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No - not advocating for more refineries. My little message is just a descriptive essay and listing supply chokepoints is part of the exercise. I wish the price would rise. That's the kindest incentive for developing alternatives before you run out. I'm sorry you don't think your post matters.


You seem to be implying that we need more refineries. Sorry, that won't work for a number of reasons. First off, we don't have much more oil that you think we seem to have. There is no infinite supply. More refineries simply means we run out faster.

Second, building more refineries does not and will never reduce our foreign dependence on oil. The reduction is negligible, a few percentage points more of oil at best. The increased use of oil by increased population could easily snuff out the advantages. Furthermore, oil is a global market. That means any more oil we do make, goes right into the global market. It's a shared commodity. Meaning we won't reduce our dependence at all actually.

Not that my post matters much, you don't seem to have made any kind of point with your little message.

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